Can't install Pfsense with Raid controller

  • Hello ,

    I am new with pfsense so when i tried to install in the Server for first time , a boot problems showed with mountroot>. so i installed in other machine and it worked fine .i came back to my server and from the BIOS i change the the RAid controller to IDE controller and everything worked .my problems that i don't want to lose the raid technologie on that server.any help how to solve this problem when the mountroot> appears or to go to the prompt and change something.i am using a CD instalation
    and thanks.

  • Netgate Administrator

    What is your box? What raid controller are you using?

    Support for some LSI raid controllers recently went into 2.1 beta. Many manufacturers cards are based on those. Try a 2.1 snapshot.


  • Thanks for you help pfSense 2.1 solved the problems :)