• Hi All,

    We have 3 LANs and 1 WAN on the pfsense router. I'm looking to prioritize VOIP traffic over everything else. I've just started exploring this following this bug being fixed http://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/2349.

    I have been through the wizard and it's created a voip queue on all 3 LAN interfaces. I guess my question is, how does the queue priority of each interface dictate the priority traffic in that queue gets over the single WAN interface? Is it the case that traffic in a queue of priority 5 on one interface has less priority over the WAN link than traffic in a queue of priority 3 on another interface or is it the case that priorities only apply to that 1 interface.

    Sorry to be so vague with the requirements… what I basically just need to achieve is for all VOIP traffic from a single LAN to be prioritized on the WAN over anything else.

  • Phil,

    Did you ever get this sorted out? I need to do exactly what you are doing…


  • The queues on the LAN interfaces are independent of each other therefore you cannot traffic shape downstream without setting a hard speed limit on each LAN interface which totals less than your total downstream speed.

    To avoid capping the speeds on the LAN interfaces, one solution is to use a second pfSense box in transparent bridge mode to perform traffic shaping on the entire upstream & downstream WAN traffic.