• I have set up email alerts on my pfSense 2.0.2, and it sends me an email every time one of my WAN gateways goes down.

    However, it does not tell me if the gateway comes up again.

    Is there any configuration option to get it to do so?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That is a bit trickier for a few reasons:

    1. Often we don't get the up event, we assume the gateway is up because the monitor daemon is restarted when a WAN changes.
    2. If we sent an e-mail any time a function assumed a gateway was up, you'd get a flood of e-mail.

    There may be a way to detect/notify on this in the future, but it's not a simple fix. Might happen for 2.2 unless someone figures out a reasonable way to fix it and submits some code.

  • Thanks, at least I know now.

    I'll rely on a script on my Linux box to tell me when it comes up again.