How does pfsense compare do commercial firewall?

  • Sorry to posting this, and I know it's pfsense's forums opinions maybe biased, but I have been searching a comparison and got no results…

    first we love pfsense, we wanted to buy but it's in USA and it's difficult for us to get it. so someone is selling me a Fortinet's fortigate 200b at twice price(comparing with Hacom's appliance with my setup after Tax, shipping etc, like 2500 usd vs 5000 usd).

    I don't know if there is a huge difference in software/hardware between them that make us worth to pay 2500usd more. if fortigate is really better we can afford for it no problem

    thanks for the advice.

    company info:
    200 users.
    no vpn

  • It very much depends on what your actual needs are (both today and in the near future). What type of Internet connection(s) do you have ? Do you have servers (web/mail/voip) ? What type of traffic do those 200 users generate ?

    pfSense can do a fine job as a packet filter (firewall), NAT gateway, and VPN concentrator (both site-to-site and for "road warriors" accessing the office remotely). It also supports multi-WAN and offers advanced features, such as a high-availability (redundant pair configuration).

    pfSense can also be configured to do web-filtering and IDS/IPS via 3rd party packages. Although this functionality has improved significantly in recent months, it still isn't as tightly integrated to the base system, nor does it create pretty-looking reports, as some of the alternatives.

    So, depending on your actual needs, pfsense might be able to offer more functionality at lower cost.


    I generally build to order for my customers when needed. If your looking for a turnkey solution your choices may be limited depending on where you live/work.

    Id imagine that any reputable computer shop in your area should be able to build what you need. Where do you buy your desktops or laptops?

    Just some thoughts.  :)