How so simply add new interfaces to traffic shaper?

  • Hi gang.

    In traffic shaper wizard you create rules between two interfaces, let's say WAN and LAN. So far - so good, but now I would like to add another interface, let's say OPT1 to behave exactly like LAN interface, same rules, same bandwith limit.

    Is there any simple way to do that? Any cook-book recipe? Release is 1.2-RC1…

    If not, how to manually create queues and rules, that for the start just simply limits all traffic (in/out) to 1Mbps between OPT1 and WAN?

    We are testing some new wifi equipment and would like to limit the bandwith consumed by users, regarding that for test purposes I left one SSID wide open :)

    Any tips or tricks?

    Thank you, Jan Zorz