• I have been away from PFSense for a long time.  I have a couple of questions.

    I have a T1 connection with 5 WAN IP addresses.  I only use this connection for VoIP traffic (small office).  I want to avail myself of all the External Ip addresses and setup multiple VoIP servers for testing purposes.  Here is what I want to do basically

    WAN IP            LAN IP          ports.
    68.xxx.xxx.xxx  5060, 4569, 80
    68.xxx.xxx.xxy 5060, 4569 , 80
    68.xxx.xxx.xxz  5060,4569,80

    I want to be able to connect to the LAN over a VPN connection.  I am pretty sure this is a no brainer.

    All I am looking for here is either a yes / No answer and possibly a link to a "How to" to make this happen.


  • those are static ip's assigned to you ?
    if yes, then you probably have one ip that is the endpoint that routes your other 4 address'. assign that to wan
    the other 4 can be added as virtual ip's (firewall –> virtual ip's)

    Then you could add NAT port-forwards for those VIP's to your specific lan devices.


  • That's what I thought I had seen but I wanted to confirm.