• I have an ISP that will assign static IPs, but only to specific MAC addresses. This brings up some questions when using Virtual IPs and 1:1 NAT rules as none of these allow a MAC address to be specified. I have read that virtual IPs do get a unique MAC and my limited research supports that this is true for at least CARP IPs, but I have some questions.

    Do the Mac Address for Virtual IPs stay the same forever or only until pfSense is rebooted?

    Is this the same for each type of Virtual IP, pARP, cARP, Alias, other, NAT, etc?

    How do I find the MAC addresses for Virtual IPs so that I can give them to my ISP? I am not seeing them in the pfSense arp table.

    Before I suggest this in Redmine, is there a reason users cannot set MAC addresses for Virtual IPs?

    Thank you

  • Well first you have to put the interface in promiscuous mode and second there is already a sysctl for sending data with the vip mac(net.link.ether.inet.carp_mac) set that to 1 and it will send traffic with vip mac.