Snort pkg v. 2.5.4, Custom Rules and THX

  • Hi Community!

    Yesterday I upgraded Snort after some time I had an older version running.
    Big "Thank You!" to the developers for implementing the IPS Policy Selection like PulledPork provides. It makes things much easier for people, who are not so involved. There were also other big improvements made during the last weeks. Great.

    One thing I just want to report again is the custom.rules category form. I am still not able to paste a rule there. Everytime it is saved the system comes up with an error, that the rule options should be put in "(" and ")". I have them there and I am able to use my rules with a workaround (include my.rule in advanced processing options). The rule gets saved in the file custom.rules under the snort interface directory but with retuns after each line just as they are shown in the form. Putting the rule directly in that file also does not work. It gets deleted (or cleared to be exactly) after snort restart. I think it was working in a previous version.

    Maybe someone could look over that somedays.

    Best wishes,