• I was wondering if a 100Hz Kernel Timer Frequency on the firewall could add a worst case latency of 10ms to data hitting the firewall. I tried to find some more information on this but wasn't too successful (since I don't really understand what is directly and possibly indirectly effected by that variable) - does the Kernel Timer Frequency has an impact on the time that data needs to traverse the firewall? Will 1000Hz reduce lag (from 10ms to 1ms)? Thank you so much.

    Note that, in my case, throughput is not as important as low latency (firewall is mostly idle with some DSL 6000 traffic, so if a 1000Hz timer adds some overhead, I wouldn't have to worry I guess).

  • No. Not unless you're enabling polling, which isn't recommended.

  • I was hoping for some technical details. But a no is better than nothing :)
    Im not using polling, tried it and the GUI and became completely unresponsive on ALIX hardware.
    How about traffic shaping? Does kern.hz has an impact on the, say, "precision" of the traffic shaper?
    Is powersavings the only reason you default to 100Hz on embedded systems?