• Hello all.

    I currently have an issue with a NAT and I need some help…

    Here is a link to the setup of how I have it set up: http://imgur.com/K8dC82j

    Now I do understand that I should just take PFS and plug it in to the router/modem, HOWEVER, with the current situation I am in I cannot do that.


    With out any descrimination as to what I am doing, I will move along.  The NAT is running the newest crunchbang and has a solid connection to the router via wlan0 and is bridged (supposedly) over to eth0.  eth0 is set to PFS-wan port and blahblahblah.

    The issue I have is that even though I have the local DNS server (hsd1.[state].comcast.net) and corresponding IP in UDHCPD set into order to work with the NAT, I try to ping out through the PFS box and when I do it says the host cannot be resolved (for example http://www.google.com) YET I can ping the wireless router and other computers CONNECTED to the router AS WELL AS pinging any computer on my side network as well as the full network from the NAT.

    THE ISSUE TO RESOLVE:  Why can't DNS work from behind the NAT from a client side computer behind PFSense.

    Do I need to add a rule stating what the NAT is?

  • To add in here, I did try to use a bridged connection on windows and that didn't even allow the packets from the NAT to be sent out.  There is no function of connection between the windows host and my PFS box.

    Somewhere on the NAT I originally had there must be something set up incorrectly…

    Still, if anyone has any input, I would gladly take it, otherwise I think I'm breaking a boundry here that could be added to the list of stuff not done with PFS yet.....


    But let me know if you think I could try something!