Wireless card for Jetway NF9HQL-525

  • Hey all, I am running the 2.1 beta on a Jetway NG9HQL-525, booting off a CF card. I'd like to bring the wireless portion of my network onboard this device, so I am looking for recommendations for a good wireless card to use. I would like a mini PCIE model (it is in a low profile case, so I can't easily use a normal PCI express) that can do  B/G/N and A, preferably a dual band model.

    This motherboard is a little cramped (http://www.jetwaycomputer.com/NF9H.html), so I am not sure that some of the larger mini PCIE wireless cards would fit. Has anyone got one that they have tried with this motherboard?

  • I suspect that replying to my own question is a sign of questionable sanity, but after more research, I think I am going to use a separate wireless access point running DD-WRT. It seems easier, as the support for things like 802.11n and simultaneous dual band isn't strong in PFSense.

  • You might want to get this card that in used for the alix kits if it works with your board.


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