• Hello,
    How to correctly setup a VPN server with only one network card?

    INTERNET                     DATACENTER                                                           HOME
    WAN: 1 IPV4<–--->Dedicated server with pfSense<----->TAP OPENVPN<----->WRT54GL Router<----->Users
    & /64 ipv6

    On the WRT54GL openvpn is bridged with the LAN ethernet card.
    WRT54GL's users will have, one private ipv4 (nated to dedicated server public ip), and one public ipv6, from pfsense dhcp's.

    Actually i try to assign LAN interface to openvpns1 and "Bridge Interface" to LAN in openvpn config.

    This no seem to work very well...
    Any idea?

    Thank in advance

    I attached config