Turn off all extra services for embedded

  • I'm having some cpu usage problems with the system using up the cpu when i'm transferring at high speeds, 8mbit + on WAN -> wireless on a soekris platform. It has 128mb ram and 266mhz processor. Any tips to disable the RRD or any other unnecessary services to allow the system not freeze when 100% cpu is used by system and interrupts would be good!

  • Disabling services won't help, they use a minimal amount of resources and it's too easy to overload a 4801. Enable polling on the Advanced page and the system will stay responsive, though throughput will drop.

    If you need to push full speed 802.11g and have a fast (> 5 Mb) WAN connection on top of that, you need faster hardware. I'd suggest leaving the 4801 as your WAN router and putting the wireless on something else.

  • Would PFsense 1.01 work better on the soekris with atheros cards? I'm just looking for a little platform that will push 16mbits to the wireless card. No FW rules or anything. What do you think?