• hello all,

    I am new to pfsense, I have been using it for about 6 months on 3 different computers. 2 work perfect one not so much all of a sudden (this week it started crashing). the first time it crashed I said something about watch dog on the screen and it listed the two network interfaces. Since then it has crashed to more times two days later and one day later(today). this time no error message.

    here are the symptoms, web interface stops, all routing stops (when I say stops I mean I cant access the router, or the servers behind) router stays on. ssh works. I can ssh into it and reboot, and it comes up like nothing happened.

    the physical hardware is a IBM Xseries 335 w/ 1 2.4 Xeon 512mb ram 1 40 HD , Inte PCI-X gig NIC.
    the added NIC is the WAN, the on board NIC is the LAN, and one on board nic not used.

    PfSense ver 1.0.1 . average states open 1000 , CPU 1% Ram 8% swap and HD 1%

    Any ideas on how I should start diagnosing the problem?

    thanks in advanced.

  • Upgrade to 1.2RC1 and see if it goes away. Sounds like some sort of FreeBSD compatibility issue with your hardware, which the newer version may resolve.