FTP, Policy Base Routing, Load Balancing Questions

  • I set up a 1.2-RC1 dual LAN/dual WAN box here (LAN, LAN2(OPT1), WAN, WAN2(OPT2)), and it works great - except for FTP. Cannot make outgoing FTP work (don't care about incoming). Other TCP connections are balancing or policy-routing.

    I've been looking around the board, but some answers are for older revisions, some link to docs that are no longer available…


    • Does FTP (outgoing) even work in a multi-wan environment at this point (1.2-RC1)?
    • Which interface needs the FTP-Proxy? I can force active or passive if that helps.
    • What is the rule that I need to make FTP work for a gateway that isn't default?

    Many thanks in advance...


  • Hi hirschma, FTP (outgoing) is work in a multi-wan environment, in LAN interface you checked FTP helper

    regards, John Nguyen