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    I've installed a linksys rv082 with two wan ADSL ppoe connections, one adsl at 2.4MB/s (256KB/s up) and the second at 4MB/s (512KB/s up). The question is, when I start configuration of Traffic Shaper I have to specify the download and upload speed,

    ADSL1 (4MB/s)–-----|                                              | LAN
    ADSL2 (2.4MB/s)-----|                                              |

    what number must write there: 6.4MB/s (2.4MB/s+4MB/s) download and 768KB/s (256Kb/s+512KB/s) for upload?

    Or what else?


  • I'll apprecitae your comments,


  • Many thanks for your answer, i follow these links, but the question I have is regading the max download rate, the point is, as I have two adsl connections, the agregated speed could reach 6.4MB/s (4+2.4)(or less) but the max speed will never reach that number, as the router uses a round robin system to distribute the load. So, I think, if I set the max download speed in traffic shaper in 6.4MB/s (4+2.4) it will assume that as that max speed and will wronglly assigning bandwith, Or not?, on the other hand if I set the max speed as 4MB/s it will not use the complete available bandwith, or yes?. So this my dilema, I have to set it in 6.4 MB/s or 4MB/s?


  • i think you would need a seperate shaper for each line with this setup.
    there is a bounty that would enable pfsense to shape multiwan

  • So the problem is the same as multiwan option using pfsense itself?

    How is the Bounty system, how i send the money?