• Hey everyone, I can't seem to get multiple LANs working. I've got a NIC for my WAN, another for my LAN, and one more for my LAN2. LAN is on a subnet, LAN2 is on a net. Clients can receive an IP address being broadcast from (NIC in the firewall) but cannot access the internet, or even ping I've tried different NIC cards using different drivers, but none seem to work. Anyone have any clues?? Thanks!

  • Did you add an outbound NAT rule for the subnet? Also did you add a firewall rule on the LAN2 tab similar to the LAN rule to allow the traffic out?

  • Hey dot, thanks for responding. Firewall rule, yes, Outgoing NAT, no. I don't have AON enabled, so I didn't think I had to do anything there, am I mistaken? Also, would this explain me not being able to ping

  • Yes, for outbound NAT you need to go to Firewall\NAT\Outbound and change it to manual. Make sure you have 2 outbound NAT rules:

    WAN <source lan1="" subnet=""> * * * * * NO "NAT LAN1"
    WAN <source lan2="" subnet=""> * * * * * NO "NAT LAN2"

  • post your rules

  • Eureka! It works! Geez, I will admit my n00bness, thanks all for replying and clearing this all up for me.