• Hello

    I have a small network set up as a test.

    I have a L2switch with 3 vlans (,10.20.0., that connected (tagged) with the first pfsense. This pfsense does only inter-vlan routing (,, The wan port is not used here. Here everything works ok. the different vlans can acces eachother etc.. . Now I have a 2nd pfsense ( that has a lan port Connected to vlan3 and a wan port connected to the Internet. So I want to make sure that each vlan can acces the Internet. In pfsense 2 ,I therefore set routes to the 3 vlans: src10.10.0.0 dest:,10.20.00 =>,10.30.00 => in pfsense 1 would have a kind of default route set to pfsense 2 but I do not know how?
    when i try to make a route to pfsense 2 for example vlan 20 i cant set default gateway to because its not in the same subnet.
    Does anyone know how I can solve this?


  • Both pfsense's should now each others so create static routes in both of them.

  • pfsense 1 (internet & lan)


    don't know what to do on pfsense 2 :(

  • Both pfsenses should know eachothers, right.
    try with mask

  • i can't take 0 mask the lowest i can take is
    Yes they need to know each other. they just need to route each other.but i'm just stuck with the vlans do need to make a route for each vlan to

  • do i need to make a route for each vlan or 1route?
    anyone who can help? i'm new in pfsense sorry

  • What if you create gateway and put pfsense rules to use that new gateway.
    I have no lab to test that, but that might work with all vlans