• I installed pfsense 2.1 with 3 nics. 1 wan, 1 lan and nic 3 is used as wireless connection and is connected to a TP-Link TL-WR642G router on a lan port of the router. the router dhcp server is disabled, using the dhcp on the nic 3. my windows 8 can connect to the router with a valid ip address from nic 3. I can ping the router ip, but can not ping the nic 3 ip or any other ip in pfsense. in arp table I can see the nic 3 mac address. is there any thing I did wrong?

    The topology is like below:

    adsl modem –cable-- (nic 1) pfsense (nic 3)--cable--(lan port) wl router ))))))))))))) (wireless connection) pc

    Thanks for your help

  • ok I figured out I need to add a pass rule for the wireless lan.