Setting up one pfSense box behind another

  • I'm trying to setup a pfSense box behind an already existing one. The original one is running 2.0, the new one is running 2.1. I've got the new one installed and setup, but it can't access the internet. If I ping out (from Diagnostics -> Ping) from the WAN interface, it works, but if I ping out from the LAN interface it doesn't work. nothing connected to the LAN works either. Is there something I need to configure, either on the 2.0 box or the new 2.1 box, or is there something else wrong? Thanks.

  • might have something todo with "block private networks" | found under interface–>wan

  • Unchecking "Block private networks" on the 2.1 box, did indeed fix it. I am puzzled however, because my ISP is using a private network IP, and my 2.0 box is working fine with "Block private networks" enabled… However, the problem is solved, so I'm happy  :) .

  • do you plan to move this box to be in front?

    if not, why are you using 1 pfsense box behind another, just for testing right now? (done it myself, so understand)

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