Outside HTTP connections shaped

  • I have the traffic shaper working on my 30Mbit/5Mbit cable connection. Basically I have several users using P2P and I do not want to block that use, but I want all other traffic to have higher priority.

    I used the wizard to configure the P2P catchall and allotted 10Mbit/1Mbit for the queue. P2P traffic shows in the P2P Queue. When I run a speedtest here: http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ the P2P traffic seems to get throttled back and I get a good test on my connection. Works good.

    However I also have a public web server on my LAN. Large HTTP downloads from the web server from outside seem to be getting shaped (at around 1.1MBit) . But they are not fed through the P2P queue. Ideally what I would like is for outside HTTP downloads to go as fast as possible with P2P throttled back accordingly if necessary. What am I doing wrong?

    I attached a screen of my queues.