• How can I access my DSL modems telnet interface from the LAN side of the network.

    PfSense is doing all the PPPoE so the modem is just running as a bridge.

    LAN runs on 192.168.1.X  and modem has and assigned to it by default. I tried just but it doesn't work.

  • Try accessing it thru address

  • Tried with no go. Do I need to create rules?

  • i suppose your wan ip of the pf is a public ip (since your modem only bridges).
    i think you need to add something that relay's the packets addressed to your modem actually to your modem and not to the gateway of your ISP.

    i would have to play around but i think about a static route and AON.

  • If it is anything like my SpeedStream 4100 DSL modem I don't think you will be able to access it. The modem must be doing the PPPoE to access the modem settings. Bridgemode = dumb modem

  • Make sure block private networks is unchecked on the interfaces -> wan page.

  • The way I have done this in the past in just plug the modem/router into the lan as well. You can do this ither by setting up a vlan on a switch or if the router has a switch plug it in there.  I have done this with a vigor 2800 from Draytek.

  • Search the forum!

    Hoba wrote about this some time ago. There are 3rd party tools that can monitor/display line quality etc.
    That's originally a Linux software that was ported to windows but I cannot remember the name…

  • OK, found the thread.
    Here's what HOBA wrote:


    With Databeestje's help we found a solution:

    SSH to pfSense and input the following:

    pkg_add -r redir
    ifconfig fxp0
    redir --lport 8989 --cport 80 --caddr &

    In this example 'fxp0' is the real WAN interface (on which pfSense runs PPPoE).
    In the example it gets an IP address ( from the modem's subnet ( assigned and
    redir puts a Proxy on port 8989 of the pfSense and forwards it to the modem on port 80
    You can access the modem by connecting to any of the pfSense's addresses (e.g. LAN) on port 8989 and get redirected to the modem's WEBGUI.

    To access your modem with Telnet simply change the destination port (–cport) to 23 (or 22 for SSH).
    In your case you better use the 10.x.y.z network.

    just a quick'n dirty translation from German...

  • Well, looks like this is what I was looking for. Is this still the best way to access a DSL modem's webinterface through pfSense (since this wiki page for m0nowall describes a different procedure, but it was mentioned in another thread, that this way is not working on pfSense)?

    If this is still the recommended way to go, how to make this addition permanent (so that it's established on boot)?

  • You can add the last 2 lines manually to your config.xml as hidden shellcommands. Search the forum, there are some examples on how to use hidden config.xml options.