Can we have a bit more complex Multi-WAN Dynamic Gateway rules?

  • So I've been really loving the Dynamic Gateways, running one at home with two different ISPs (FiOS+Cable Internet). But there are two gripes I have:

    • If the top tier ISP is going up and down, tons and tons of packets will be lost as the Dynamic Gateway keeps switching over. Same for Packet Loss. What I'd really like to see is a configurable setting under the Dynamic Gateway to blacklist an interface after X times it's been taken out of rotation, with another option to allow it back online if it hasn't gone down / had high packet loss for Y minutes.

    • Dynamic DNS (DynDNS, etc.) client that can use Dynamic Gateways for failover. I tried using a modification somewhere on the forums, but it didn't work for me (for a much older version of pfSense).

    Both of these I can do in a crontab (and will be implementing), but I really think pfSense itself would benefit from this, if there's not already a way I don't know about to do this.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    First one isn't possible yet

    Second one is already in 2.1. You set a Gateway Group as the interface for a DynDNS entry and it updates when the WAN fails over.