• im having difficulties passing vpn traffic through pssense and onto the remote lan client, if i forward a port such as remote desktop it will work but if i forward 1723 and gre it will not let the pptp through, same goes for l2tp, can someone explain specific steps to obtain this..

  • i am running ras on windows server 2008.

  • anyone??? please.

  • Works fine on the firewalls here. We use a 1:1 nat as other services run on these boxes and have the following rules on the wan

    pro  source  port  destination  port
    tcp  any    any  172.x.x.x    1723
    gre  any    any  172.x.x.x

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    you mention lan client, just so we are clear - your trying to run your PPTP server on this 2008 box that sits behind your pfsense and you want to allow clients from the internet to get to it.

    Or are you saying your wanting a client behind pfsense to get to a remote PPTP server?

    pfsense can act as the PPTP server, and be your endpoint - this might be a better setup then an endpoint inside your network.