Hardware advice please

  • Hi guys,

    Could you please advice which hardware appliance -from the recommended list- is the best ?

    I'd like a 1U server that can handle 200 users with squid/squidguard and snort installed inside.

    And could you please explain which firmware is better i386 or AMD64 ?

    The price should be < 800 $

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • You could do that for around $550-$600 if know where to look. Check eBay.

    Go for an Intel i5 with about 16GB RAM and you should be set to handle Snort and Squid for 200 users. I used a 2U enclosure with a mini-ITX. It gives good breathing room and also helps save some $$ on your electricity bill for the long run.

    Or if you don't care much about power hogs then I suggest this..


    One other forum member posted this.

    You would need a HDD and maybe replace those 1GB RAM modules to come up to 16GB.

    I user this server case.. love it.


  • My favourite so far is one of these:


    I have the Celeron-M 1.5GHz version with 4x gigLAN, 4x 10/100, 2GB RAM running NanoBSD from 8GB SATA SSD.  There are serial ports front and rear, USB2.0 and a PCI expansion slot.  My only complaint is that the LCD is not supported in pfSense - save a few pennies and get one without!

    Have also used:
    Re-cycled WatchGuard X700 - motherboard died on that! Replaced with the item above.
    Geode LX based thin client - my (part-time) OpenVPN server for home, runs VERY hot!
    Re-purposed Barracuda SSL appliance - bit of DIY required to get 2nd NIC in, but has VIA padlock on-board for crypto-accelleration
    Also a variety of PCs

  • Those are pretty good.. but that's an Atom processor.. With Snort, Squid, SquidGuard..etc installed in doesn't stand a chance. If it were 200 users with no IDS or Squid, I would say go for it.

  • Try this one then:


    Dual core, up to 4GB RAM and now 8x gigLAN

  • Intel Dual- Core D525 –- its still an Atom processor :)

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