DNS Forwarder - dies when WAN2 goes down (dnsmasq)

  • Hey guys, I am testing 2.1 – 2.1-BETA1 (i386) built on Thu Feb 28 04:26:22 EST 2013 to be exact (nanobsd-2g build).  I am updating to the Mar6 snapshot as I write this but I wanted to report/ask about a problem I'm having with DNS & the DNS Forwarder.  I have a dual-WAN setup (using "WAN" and "OPT1" as my wan links) with a routing group set up prioritizing WAN (Tier1) and then OPT (Tier2).

    I am finding that if OPT1 goes down (not the physical link, just e.g. an ISP problem) then the DNS Forwarder starts failing to look up anything. I even SSHed into the box and tried manually running a few queries 'nslookup google.com'  which returns an error.  I have 2 DNS servers for each WAN connection defined in the General settings page.  I can ping all DNS servers just fine, and even manually specifying one on the command line 'nslookup google.com' works fine too.  It's just the local instance of dnsmasq at that is going dead.

    I will try again with the new snapshot but just in case, does anyone know what might be happening here? Need me to post more configs?
    Here's a little screenshot of the log page for the DNSforwarder, seems to be complaining about rebind attacks??

  • What do you have in /var/etc/resolv.conf?

    Do you have the right servers in there?

  • resolv.conf has:

  • All these are manually configured entries?
    If yes, did you specify any gateway/interface for them to go out from?

    Or just post the configuration of your system related to dns, interfaces and gateways.

  • Yes these are manually entered (not the ISP-assigned ones) via System → General

    Here's WAN1 interface



    GW group

    Routing LAN→WAN via HAroute

    am I doing something wrong??

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