• I just upgrade to RC 1 with no real problems.  I had to reinstall the dashboard twice to get it to work.  That has been the only issue that I have had.

    When I have the following items set to port forward:

      • HTTPS the firewall  192.168.xxx.1

      • HTTP the Web Server(IIS 7.0 on Vista Extreame) 192.168.xxx.52

      FTP the Cerberus FTP Server (192.168.xxx.52)

  • Is System -> Adavanced -> Disable NAT Reflection checked?

  • I will check and let you know

  • I changed the setting in the firewall.  It looks like IIS7.0 on my Vista workstation needs to be reloaded.  It looks like I killed it.  I will give you a update after I reload IIS.