• Hi again!

    I use squid 2.7.9 and squidguard packages in non transparent mode
    With this configuration I can filter both http and https
    while I can see squidguard's sgerror page for http blocks, it is unavailable for succesfull https blocks( I only get a browser error)
    Is there a way to see sgerrop page for https blocks

  • Hm… did you create a rule for access https (443) from LAN to pfsense?

  • dear traxxus, I am using squid as non transparent so I blocked direct access to https(443) http(80) and ftp(21) from lan subnet in order to force all client to use proxy

  • Yes, but if you block https from LAN to pfsense the browser cant show the https errorpage, because you block it.
    Or i am wrong?

  • the same rule is valid also for http but sgerror page is displayed

    my rules just prevets bypassing proxy and block direct connect to http, https or ftp . clients can access theese protocols if they use proxy