Siproxd for server behind firewall

  • does siproxd support server behind firewall? the issue im having is my sip gateway is behind pfsense and calls from the internet reach fine to my gateway but the problem starts when my isp changes the ip as im on a pppoe connection and this results in one way audio reason being the sip gateway sending out wrong ip in sdp for rtp. Is there any way to proxy the sdp packet and correct the wan ip in it so calls dont end up with one way audio?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Not with siproxd.

    You'd be after something like a session border controller or similar. We don't have any packages that can do that at the moment that I'm aware of.

  • wouldnt it be possible if we flip the interfaces, like inbound as wan and outbound as lan and then make it listen on multiple ports on the wan based on the number of sip gateways u have on lan

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If it can work that way, I've never seen it happen.

  • the problem is the port, currently it allows only listening to one port and to truly make it work would need some work