Freeradius2 problem

  • I'm using pfSense 2.0.1 and installed freeradius2 package for CP authentication. It's fine for about 3 months. Oneday before I went back home, I checked Dashboard, radiusd service was running. The next day morning when I arrived the office, it showed freeradius was not running. I start the service from GUI, not running. I SSH to the server and use "service radiusd onestart". Nothing happen. Same problem. It show "gdbm fatal:read error" on the console. I delete the package and reinstall again. My previous config are not disappear. Same problem. I reinstall again and again. Same problem. I can't find the solution. Please help me.

  • Hi,

    did you upgrade from 386 to amd64 or vice versa ?
    Did you install any other package which perhaps changed something on gdbm?
    Check with pkg_info if gdbm is installed.

    Heard some other problems about gdbm:,59045.0.html

    If nothing helps - backup your configuration (config.xml) and reinstall pfsense. Then restore config and all should be back.

  • I always use amd64. My system is Core i5 IVY with 8 GB of RAM. I only installed Cron, Freeradius2, Sarg, Squid3 and Widescreen. Anyway I'll make new installation on coming few days and configure it from beginning. I'll watch again my system. Thanks for ur help.

  • Same problem here after a power failure.

    It seems that at least one of Freeradius' databases in /var/log/radacct/timecounter/ was corrupted. I removed them all (4 files), then restarted the service without any further problem.

    Hoping this will help you

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