Active active firewall pfsync

  • hi, i was wondering if i can setup 2 pfsense firewall in active-active state with quagga for upstream and downstream router.

    my setup is:

    internet    internet
        |      /      |
        |      /  \    |
    edge r1    edge r2
        |                |
        |                |
    pfsense1  pfsense2
        |      \ /    |
        |      /  \    |
    l3 router  l3 router

    i can achieve this setup with only 1 firewall without problems with quagga carp-pfsync, but on this setup 1 firewall become inactive. if anyone have suggestions or advice is welcome.

    Thanks a lot

  • Thanks for your advice, but only for reference. Can i switch carp master between 2 firewall? For example vlan100 firewall 1 master and vlan 200 firewall2 master?

    Thanks a lot again

  • I don't think you can, but you can always try it and see. Post the results in here.

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