L7 rule or other method for shaping Spotify traffic?

  • Hi folks,

    I'm running 2.1beta code just fine for several months now. I recently took a pass at the shaping wizard. I have to say that it worked pretty good for me! Once I added the proper L7 rule to sort torrent traffic into a low-pri queue it really seems to hum. I can saturate my WAN side with torrents and still play an online game with the same ping times as no p2p traffic.

    Here is my question: Spotify is also a p2p client/server application. It will burst upstream every so often but the built in L7 filter does not catch it. I've looked around but I have really discovered any help for this. I want to know if anyone has come up with a L7 filter or some other way to shape Spotify traffic specifically.


  • I do not know Spotify.

    Does Spotify run on one machine or on several machines in your LAN? If it's just a single machine, you might try to assign an additional IP address to that machine. If you can get Spotify to use that IP address instead of the default IP address, you can shape by LAN IP address.

    Alternatively, you could try to run Spotify in a VM, again with an own LAN IP address.

    Or you set up a proxy server in your LAN and configure every Spotify installation to use it. I do not know whcih kind of proxy Spotify would work with, though.

    It has been said that some networks block Spotify (because of the undesirable P2P traffic it creates), but I do not know if this done with Layer7 filtering or by simply blocking the Spotify main servers.

  • Interessted in this myself. Will probably tro to do this myself when my pFsense-box is up and running.
    However, Spotify should be regular (encrypted) P2P traffic and should get in that queue.

    Quotation from: http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Traffic_Shaping_Guide
    "As an example, let's look at shaping P2P traffic. Assuming you used the wizard, there will be qP2Pup and qP2Pdown created already. When you launch a P2P app, you should see traffic in these queues. They are designed to carry the bulk P2P traffic, which normally slows your connection down. "

    Spotify and Youtube is what fucks up the 95'th percentile :(

  • I haven't made any progress on this one.

    I can say that Spotify traffic does NOT drop into the standard/bulk p2p queue.


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