SSD vs HD for snort

  • I have been running pfsense & snort for a while now with a 5400 rpm hard drive in a mini itx box.  It works great, but I have heard people stating SSD & CF cards are faster than a regular magnetic HD.  I can see how SSD might be faster, but CF or DOM?  What about reliability too?  Magnetic HD's should last much longer because they aren't effected by wear leveling?  I didn't think snort was recommended to be run on a SSD or dom?  Thoughts? Thanks.

  • Most modern SSDs are fine, as are high quality DOMs or CompactFlash.

  • If you dig into the specs you'll see that even some of the cheaper SSD drives are rated for multiple full disk writes per day for several years. If you think you might approach that amount of writing you could step up to the next larger drive size for a big boost in allowable writes. Actually I kind of favor the 128 size over the 64 due to the faster speeds you see with more internal flash data channels anyway.

    The spinning drive might last longer or it might die at any time, same for the SSD since the failure numbers are averages but I'd go SSD for the noise, heat and power savings in any case.

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