Assign multiple IP addresses to WAN interface

  • Cant this be done?  Can I assign multiple IP addresses to the WAN interface and then make some firewall rules for it?

    If I have more than ONE nic this seems easy to do.  But I cant seem to figure out how to do this with only a single WAN NIC.

  • "Firewall" –> "Virtual IPs"

  • @GruensFroeschli:

    "Firewall" –> "Virtual IPs"

    Thanks.  I have that added, but im not able to create firewall rules based off of it.  I'd like some specific traffic to go out that IP.

  • You create the firewall rules on the interface on which the virtual IP resides.
    Make sure that the netmask for your type of VIP is correct.

    If you expect the virtual IP to appear in drop downs: This only happens on the NAT related pages.

  • if you want LAN IP's to go OUT on external IP's other than the LAN default, you need to go to

    Firewall - NAT - Outbound NAT and enable MANUAL mode.

    you then enter in the internal LAN IP and then choose the ext IP you created (under Virtual IP's) to go out on.

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