• Hi all,

    I setup unbound with anycast on pfsense. But I couldn't find out how to configure the loopback interface with one or more IPs (such as creating aliases). Doing this on a vSphere cluster, I resorted to adding dummy network cards (vNICs in disconnected state) for each of the anycasted IPs.

    Is there a more elegant way to do this?

  • Some reason you can't just add IP aliases on the one real interface? Potentially would have log spam of IP conflicts in that case. You really only need one dummy vnic for unlimited IP aliases, that's probably the cleanest way.

  • I tried that, but I can't make unbound listen on any alias - they won't show up on unbound's configuration page and can't be selected as  "listening interface".
    Ideally we could configure aliases for the anycasted IPs on the loopback interface, but the loopback doesn't show up under "interfaces" either.

    The vNIC trick applies to virtualized environments, but obviously that won't work with a pfsense running on bare metal.