FreeBSD patch - Speeding up removal of pf src entries

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    [patch] Source entries removing is awfully slow.
    Kajetan Staszkiewicz vegeta at
    Fri Mar 8 13:19:21 UTC 2013

    Hello there!

    In my enviroment, where I use FreeBSD machines as loadbalancers, after a server
    is detected as dead, loadbalancer removes the the broken server from a table
    used in route-to pf rule and then removes Source entries pointing clients to
    that server, so clients previously assigned to the broken server are re-
    loadbalanced to alive servers.

    Each loadbalancer has around 50k Source and 500k State entries. Under those
    conditions removing a Source from anywhere to a dead server with pfctl -K -K internal.IP.of.server freezes the machine for a few seconds (or
    even up to a minute in other datacenter segment, where different services are
    served, causing thousands instead of just a few hundred States to be matched).
    Under a DDoS attack, when removing Sources to a server under attack, kernel
    freezes permanently (I gave up after 10 minutes waiting and restarted the

    A patch fixing the issue can be found here:

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