• Hi,

    can i achieve the following sketch with pfsense 2.1 Beta1?

    #Edit: i mean Point 2 and Point 3 should be a pfsense.

  • If you're expecting points (green) 2 & 3 to support VRRP, then no.  There's no VRRP support in pfSense.

    If you're expecting them to use CARP to each pretend to be (green) .1, then it should work.  Just note that what's past them in the perimeter-net might affect how they work in terms of actually doing failover.  Data has to make it back in, after all, and this is determined by the routing tables, and whether or not the routes from the perimeter-net know that it can take either path (long as it's up) to get back to your subnet.

    I imagine though, by this time you've either tried it, or abandoned it, since it's been more than a month.  I just happened to be searching for something similar to what I'm trying at work to see if anyone has gotten through a hurdle I'm running into, but that's a post for another topic.