• Let me start out by saying this does NOT seem to be a pfSense problem… just some strangeness I'm seeing lately and wondering if others are encountering it??  I generally use Chrome on my windows boxes.  Every thing has been fine since installing 2.0.2.  Then a week or so ago I noticed the PfBlocker widget on the dashboard showing a 500 error and no data display.  I had to leave that day so I just left it and when I got home I checked on my iPad and it was fine.  The next morning I looked via Chrome on a Windows box and the 500 error was back.  I pulled up IE and it was fine...  displayed all the current PfBlocker data.    So, I blew Chrome off my system.  I re-installed and forced an update and then everything was OK again.  Cut to Wednesday of this week and I notice under the Traffic Graphs (both dashboard view and Status/traffic graph) that it will not display the WAN traffic (cannot get data about interface bge0).  But, it does display LAN traffic.  Once again I look via IE or my iPad (safari and chrome) and the data is there.  Its only on Windows boxes using Chrome.    Not a show stopper but just wondering if anyone else is seeing this strageness and has any ideas?


  • Hi,

    I tested with Traffic graphs and Chrome Version 25.0.1364.152 (Linux and Windows) and works mostly nice on pfsense 2.0.1 and 2.1-BETA1…
    My only problems are often the upper menus ... I must right-klick them that they stay open and I can klick on the wanted menu item... :(

    Ah. When checking version onto Windows I got immediantly an update to Version 25.0.1364.160 m.
    ... thats looks also ok.

    Best is to check on a 2nd pc ir this is a client or server problem in your setup...
    Do you have perhaps addons which can influence this behavior (=> deactiving for tests)?
    If it's client problem I finally suggest to completely remove Chrome and install it new.


  • The "fun part" of Chrome is the automatic update. Suddenly something stops working, then, a few days laters, it works again.

    I have experienced 500 errors on the dashboard with Chrome several times.

    I've also written a Chrome extension, which also experienced spontaneous bugs after Chrome updates.

    I suppose that if you need a really reliable browser, don't use Chrome. I mean, Firefox and IE also suck. But at least these don't secretely updated as often, so you have the "good old bugs you already know" instead of new surprise bugs every day.

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    Chrome is nice it just caches too aggressively. You didn't need to reinstall chrome, just empty the cache and/or force a reload of the page (hold shift + click refresh button)