Firewall aliases screenshot

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am new to pfsense, and really not very good at subnetting it confuses me. However I am fairly okay with firewalling/nating. I saw the screenshot of Aliases with 3 different servers in it does that mean it will forward any requests on port 80 to all of those servers? If so this would be perfect for me.

    As I have 6 servers in my home lab for various reasons and projects.

    Thanks in Advance,

  • As you didn't give us any hits about the screenshot in question there's no way for us to know ;)

    That said, you can only forward a single port to a single computer. If you need to reach multiple servers you either need to use a different port for each or, if they're all accessible using HTTP you can use a reverse proxy to forward any given hostname to a certain internal IP address.

  • I forward (WAN side) port 80 to port server 1 port 80 (LAN side).

    Port 81 goes to server 2, port 80.

    Port 82 goes to server 3, port 80.

    Port 443 goes to server 4, port 443.

    I access all other boxes via an IPSec VPN.

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