• hey pfsense community. I just installed pfsense on my box and I am so new to it that i don't know how to do half of the features of what the program can do. Anyway i manage to fix most of my problems(xbox strict nat, dmz, etc.) but now i need to know one more thing before my setup is finally complete. and that is multi lan. I really need to know how to do this because i have 4 nics(1 intergrated, 3 pci) and now all my nics are used except for this one and i want to setup multi lan but im so confused how to set it up. can someone help me or something. thanks

  • Netgate Administrator

    It seems from your description that you have already setup more than one 'LAN' interface. Do you mean multi WAN?

    If not please describe your network and what you are trying to achieve.