"500 - Internal Server Error" when loading Firewall -> Rules -> (LAN Tab)

  • I have been in the process of configuring the traffic shaper and firewall rules for elevated IP Phone traffic priority.  After navigating the wizard in which I specified the IP of the phone itself, I tested, and noticed that traffic was being passed through the default queue, rather than the elevated/real-time VOIP queue.  In order to troubleshoot this, I followed an online tutorial which specifically addressed configuration of traffic shaping in pfSense 2.0, which suggested the following in addition to completing the wizard, for VOIP traffic queue assignment:

    "  Create a new rule with the following attributes:

    Interface: LAN
    Protocol: UDP
    Source: IP address or alias of your VoIP phones
    Destination: Any

    Before you create the rule, scroll down to the advanced options, you will see a field called “Ackqueue/Queue”  For this, choose “qAck/qVoip”  This is where you are actually assigning which queues traffic that meets this rule will go into.  Uplink traffic will go into the qAck queue, and downlink traffic will go into the qVoip queue.  Lastly, save this rule.  "

    After saving and applying this rule, the web page reloaded as "500 - Internal Server Error", and will not load proper content, even after restarting, and reloading a saved configuration from prior to that change.

    Is there any way to recover from this?..  Manual editing of files?.. Editing of an XML config backup?


    edit:  running 2.0.2

  • Never mind.. Turns out it was a coincidental browser error, and clearing cache fixed it.


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