Full install or embedded on 4gb sata dom w/ snort, openvpn

  • I want to use the least amount of power possible and the most reliable system I can, within reason. I have been running pfsense with snort, pfblocker, and openvpn with great success.  I have two vpn servers and five interfaces on a mini itx box.  I am doing full pass through on the vpn and have 10-20 users connect at a time during a heavy load.  Any thoughts on doing the full install or the embedded one with these packages installed using a mlc 4gb sata dom?  I guess I am a bit confused on the difference between embedded and the full install other than most everything runs in ram on the embedded install.  I am currently using a 250gb HD, but only 400M is being utilized according to "df -h".  Just looking for some suggestions. Thanks again.