Can't port forward

  • its the same thing! if i map a folder on a wifi computer, i cant see it from my pc!

    i used pfsense to test ping, just diagnostics - ping.

    My pc is, lan is, wifi is

    on the wifi box i have simply windows 7 or 8.

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    ARrrghhh –

    do could you please post up your ipconfig /all from your wired box and wireless box.

    Then on each box do a net share command from cmd line this will show me the shares you have enabled on each computer.

    If you can NOT ping a wireless client from pfsense - can these wireless clients access the internet?  If so then you must have a firewall blocking the ping on the wireless client, or your not connected to the pfsense wireless

    As to mapping --  you don't MAP your own boxes shares.. you map the share on the other box..

    so pc, wireless client is 192.168.2.X

    So from wireless box run \

    do you see shares??  If so map one of those shares to a drive litter on your wireless box via the map dialog on the wireless box where it says \server\share use \\sharename, guessing its called public?  so \\public would be the path your mapping to say G: on your wireless box.

    If you want, I would be happy to teamviewer into your boxes and set this up for you - this way you can watch and we can work out if your having firewall issues or not, etc.  teamviewer is FREE and you can get it from here

    You can then send me a personal message here on the board and I can remote to your machine your running TV on and we can chat in realtime and you can everything I am doing, etc. etc.

  • I really appreciate your replies and time spent. I can ping wireless box from pfsense, before was only my error, when i pinged the wireless computer of my brother he was rebooting.
    I bridged the two interfaces as you said before and now all works properly.
    Now i can map a folder and other wireless devices can see and access to it. I think the problem was the different segmentation.
    I really really thank you ;D and im sorry if im so noob.

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    The only problem with the segmentation would be the browse list would not work.. you would only ever see boxes on your own network with a browse list.

    But that browse list has NOTHING to do with sharing of files - nothing!

    Glad you got it working.

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