2Wan , OpenVPN - static routes not working

  • Hi all,
    i am fighting with openvpn configuration with pfsense. I have 2 WAN and 1 LAN interface configured.
    1.WAN1 -main
    2. WAN2 - will be used just for openvpn
    3. LAN
    I want to configure openvpn client to connect to a server via WAN2, but when i check packets, it is routed via WAN1 (default gateway).
    I have added static route in pfsense:
    VPNserverIP/32 gateway: WAN2;
    but still wants to connect via WAN1.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks very much

  • Have you checked under OpenVPN: Client the dropdown menu besides Interface? There you can specify which iface should be used to establish the OpenVPN Connection. From there, it's all a question of NAT and Firewall rules.

  • Don't add static routes, pick the appropriate interface in the OpenVPN config.

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