Problem Syncing Firewall Rules

  • Hi all, I have 2 pfSense in CARP, and when I tried to syncronize the firewall rules they are wrong, I can create the rule in the MASTER but in the BACKUP the rule is created in other different interface.
    For Example I have
    On MASTER:    Floating | WAN | LAN | SYNC | VLAN1 | VLAN2 | VLAN3
    ON BACKUP:    FLoating | WAN | SYNC | LAN | VLAN1 | VLAN2 | VLAN 3
    when I create a rule on the VLAN1 MASTER interface, the rule syncronizes to the LAN BACKUP interface…..
    I dont know what could it be, might it be that on the master pfSense I have 4 interfaces which I only use 3, and the backup has 3 interfaces and I use the 3 of them? might it be that the order in the interfaces are important?? thanks before hand.

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