Multiple wans, it does not work

  • hi. i  do have an installation of version 2.0.2 in my server and i would like to utilize both of them.
    up to now, i have done 2 pppoes (one to each of the dsl modems). the ISPs are different, so there is no MLPP. all i would like to do is send traffic out per session, and if one link is down then use the other ISP as primary. i have created a group where i have both links in tier 1, but traffic goes out only on first ISP. even if the first ISP is off, then there is no traffic. could someone point me to the right direction to help me correct this issue, please?
    vr0 has WAN to ISP A
    vr1 has LAN to my network
    vr2 has OPT1 to ISP B

  • Assuming you have defined a gateway group and have both gateways in there as Tier 1 and Tier 2 you need to go to your firewall settings and make sure your lan traffic is using your gateway group as the gateway.

  • is it possible to to have a screenshot, please?

  • Here is a video complete with bad music I found for you.  This has the tiers setup the same so it would be round-robin with failover.  Documentation is located here  Good luck!

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