Strange problem with my setup

  • Hi.

    it started 2days ago. i had New version: Thu Mar  7 03:14:49 EST 2013 installed.

    it started that i was unable to get out to internet from my windows and phone(wifi router without dhcp or anything is just passes the wifi to lan)
    so i did alot of tries with diffrent things reboot my computers, switch and default router witch i only use for iptv/voip the interner is bridge on the router to my pfsense box..

    it didnt solve the problem with internet on my other computers, the pfsense box had working internet the LAN did work aswell.
    to me it seemed that the firewall/nat stoped working but i didnt see anything about it in the logs. yesterday after i got it working by changeing out my "crappy" switch d-link 5p Gbit to a 100MBit HUB.
    but today after somewhere between 8 and 9 my time it stoped again. i did the same reboot/restart and change switch/hub this time that didnt work..

    i got pissed so i reinstalled pfSense with pfSense-memstick-2.1-BETA1-amd64-20130219-1057.img and now it seems to work.

    the box before had antivirus,squid3,squidguard, and some other small things.. now its very clean install only added git.

    anyone that can give me some clue to what might have happend to my LAN/network things

  • I had issues with a D-Link GbE switch in conjuction with a Realtek GbE NIC. The problem were random "hangs" which I could resolve by power-cycling the switch. The "hangs" typically occured when network traffic went up into the region of 100MBit.

    I replaced the D-Link GbE switch with a 100MBit switch and the problem persistend.

    I replaced the switch with a Cisco GbE switch - and the issue appeared less often.

    I then found out that I didn't have to power-cycle the switch; it was sufficient to remove the network cable which was connected to the Realtek GbE NIC.

    In my case, i was able to resolve the issue by updating the driver for the Realtek NIC.

    I do not know if there were any changes to the Realtek driver between the version of your previous pfSense install and the 2.1 beta 1. And of course I have no idea which NICs you actually use.

  • the strange thing was that it worked first time just to move the cables to the hub first time.

    dev.skc.0.%desc: 3Com 3C940 Gigabit Ethernet
    dev.skc.0.%driver: skc
    dev.skc.0.%location: slot=1 function=0
    dev.skc.0.%pnpinfo: vendor=0x10b7 device=0x1700 subvendor=0x10b7 subdevice=0x0020 class=0x020000
    dev.skc.0.%parent: pci5
    dev.skc.0.int_mod: 100 Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. Yukon sk skc0
    dev.e1000phy.0.%desc: Marvell 88E1011 Gigabit PHY
    dev.e1000phy.0.%driver: e1000phy
    dev.e1000phy.0.%location: phyno=0
    dev.e1000phy.0.%pnpinfo: oui=0x5043 model=0x2 rev=0x3
    dev.e1000phy.0.%parent: miibus1

  • Ah, sorry, I misunderstood your first post - I thought the issue was related to a "new version installed".

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