Cannot Access Web Server From Internal Network

  • So this is weird.  My web server is in my internal network.  It can be accessed just fine outside of my internal network.  But on the inside it cannot be accessed.  HTML traffic runs on port 8080 instead of the usual port 80.  Does that have anything to do with it?  Do I have some kind of conflict?

    Thanks in advance,

    Luke K.

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    Are you trying to access it via its PUBLIC ip or the ip on your internal nework.  If your on the internal network trying to use its external IP then you have to enable nat reflection in pfsense to do that.

    Its just simpler to access its local name/ip vs bouncing off pfsense wan interface just to get forwarded back into your internal network.

  • I prefer the simple DNS host override. I configure the pfSense DNS relay to answer the local IP addresses for the servers' hostnames.

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    ^exactly! Have you local name resolution resolve to the local IP. Then you can still use say www.yourdomain.tld on the outside or the inside.

  • This sounds like the solution I'm looking for… but how do I do it?  My webserver only uses it's public IP address not a domain name.  When I go to "SERVICES | DNS FORWARDER" and add an entry to the Host Overrides section I don't know how I'm suppose to fill out the form.  Am I even in the right place?  On my internal network the IP Address is

    This is how i filled out my host overrides entry:

    Host = webserver (I didn't have any clue what I should put here)
    Domain = My Public IP Address
    IP = (My Internal IP Addresss)
    Description = blank

  • Let's say you public IP is
    If the DNS external name of your site is then from outside that translates to when you type the name into a browser (or whatever) and off it goes to connect.
    So, in host overrides, put
    Host = www
    Domain =
    IP =
    Description = whatever you like

    Now, from on your LAN, when you type into a client browser, it will translate to and get straight to your server on the LAN.
    Of course, if your users have not been using a name for the server, but have actually learnt the public IP and been typing into their browser from outside on the net, then they they will have to learn a new "magic number" to access from inside -

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    ^ or just give your server a local name, say your local domain is local.lan since sounds like you don't have a public registered domain name.

    Then in your host overrides create record
    host = servername
    domain = local.lan
    IP =

    Now you can access that server via the name servername.local.lan or via the private IP address

    So curious are you forwarding 8080 to 80 on pfsense or is server listening on 8080

    So outside sounds like they access it via http://publicIP:8080

    If server is listening on 8080 then internally if you create a host name for it, you would still have to call out the :8080 so http://servername.local.lan:8080 or

    There is one thing if 80 is blocked inbound to use 8080, but there is little reason to use that internally, I would have the server listen on 80 (default http port) and on pfsense just forward 8080 to 80..  This way you could use internally just the IP or name you created or http://servername.local.lan and wont need to add the :8080 to the url you use when accessing it from your local network.

  • We do not have a DNS name for our public IP Address.  That being said I would like the users to use the public ip address even when they are in the inside network.  From what your telling and what I've gathered this is not possible… is that correct?

    Luke K.

  • The stupid reasoning for me wanting the users to use the public ip address even when they are in the internal network is that my dumb web programmer hard coded the public ip address in our website.

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    No if your wanting users to use http://publicIP:8080 be it they are inside or outside your network - just turn on NAT reflection in pfsense.

    And then FIRE/SLAP your web guy if he hard codes IPs into stuff - you should never ever ever HARD code IPs - IPs CHANGE!!  While if using names, you can just change the IP the name points too.

  • Okay thanks so much.

    Luke K.

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