How to Use Barnyard2 to log remote syslog??

  • Hi All,

    I trying to set Baryard2 in snort package pkg v. 2.5.4 ,Pfsense 2.0.2-RELEASE (amd64)

    to send alerts to remote syslog , i tried few syntax  like

    output alert_syslog:


    output alert_syslog:

    After setting Barnyard2 its shows running but nothing hit the syslog on other hand when i set firewall remote syslog i do see events arrives to syslog.
    My question how is possible to get Barnyard2 log to syslog , did i missed somthing, is current Barnyard shipped with no possibility to syslog ?

    Please advice

  • That would be because you have not setup an sql database to process the snort messages. Barnyard does not send to a  syslog server it is a dedicated spooler for the snort unified2 output.
    If you enable a remote syslog server and log everything then the snort alerts should end up on the remote server.

  • Should have said you can download the schema for different database servers for Barnyard2 from here

  • Ok , i figured out how to use syslog trough the Pfsense system syslog , its not perfect i preferred having unified2 format (full log) but OK.

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