Assign Interfaces Skips from VLAN to WAN without LAN setup

  • I am completely new to pfSense and I am trying to setup a home network using an old box. Has two NICs that it is recognizing. I installed it to the HDD, but when I am assigning interfaces, it jumps from VLANs to WAN completely bypassing LAN setup. Any thoughts on how to setup a LAN? I am not proficient in the shell, but I do have a monitor and keyboard on my pfSense computer right now. Any help would be appreciated.

    Bonus question: Will pfSense work with the Alfa USB AWUS036NHA?


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    Usually when first configuring the interfaces, at the command line, it asks if you want to use VLANs then it asks for a WAN interface. Then it says something like 'enter an interface for LAN or press enter if you've finished configuring interfaces'. The minimum number of interfaces is one. If you have configured only one interface it will be WAN and pfSense will allow you to connect to the webgui on that interface.
    You should have been able to configure a LAN interface after the WAN though.  :-\ Are you sure it's detecting both your NICs?

    I fairly sure that USB wifi NIC won't work.  :( It's not yet supported in FreeBSD. See:


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    pfSense 1.2.x prompted for the LAN before WAN.

    pfSense 2.x changed to prompt for WAN first, because we now support "appliance mode", which means you only have one NIC and it's the WAN.

    Set your WAN interface and then you'll get prompted for the LAN interface afterward.

  • @dmauld:

    Bonus question: Will pfSense work with the Alfa USB AWUS036NHA?

    It appears to be a "high powered" USB WfI adapter using an Atheros chipset.
    I have seen "high powered" devices on eBay but using the supported Ralink RT3070 chipset.

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